Geekville has closed!

This is due to years of mediocre service from Esquire Technologies, for whom Geekville was one of their shopfronts, and really poor service from Courier Direct.

Geekville did virtually no business with Esquire, only a few orders per month, if any, many of which were a complete disaster. If they couldn’t keep me happy how do they keep their busy re-sellers happy?

Months ago I told them I didn’t have time for all the hassles and that I didn’t want it anymore. They said they’d not charge me for two months and we could then re look at it. When they contacted me again I said they should just close it down, they said they’d keep it up and let me know when they did.  This was after a number or orders went awry in a short period of time.

On Friday the 21st October a client placed and paid for an order. I duly paid Esquire, Courier Direct and released the order. I expected the goods to be released to Courier Direct on the Monday and delivered on the Wednesday. (Internet Express would have delivered it on the Tuesday). Wednesday I received an email from the client asking where his goods were. I forwarded this to Courier Direct expecting them to follow up, not a chance. On the Friday I get another email from the client…. I then made numerous calls to Esquire Technologies and to Courier Direct. No one came back to me or could give me a reason for the delay. I spoke to Nicholas Reddy four times, still no response. Then someone said they’d go and speak to Nicholas and get back to me. She did, said Nicholas said I should speak to someone in Courier Direct dispatch… Really!?

In my opinion there is no service, no accountability, no feedback, and obviously no management to speak of. A fish always rots from the head.

I’ve always called Esquire the black hole, leave a message, send an email and poof it’s gone forever…

My personal opinion is that Esquire started Courier Direct and got rid of Internet Express  because they looked at it as a new source of income.

Big thumbs up to Internet Express, who delivered on time, and if there was a problem, they fixed it and COMMUNICATED with me. There is nothing worse than being the contact person when you know NOTHING about whats going on! Especially when the client on the other side is unhappy.

Another one to Tahir in dispatch at Esquire who is always there to help. Without him I would have closed Geekville years ago.

Finally to Chantel at Esquire, who must be the public relations spokesperson for Esquire, and she is a really good one at that. Management just hide behind her skirts – in the background – somewhere…

Communication is key in any relationship.